Her Majesty's

199-227 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, 3000.  



The Her Majesty’s Theatre neon sign marks one of the most important centres for musical comedy in Melbourne.

The Her Majesty's Theatre sign consists of a white vertical-fin, upon which is displayed unprotected neon lettering spelling "HER MAJESTY'S". At the top of the sign is a stylised crown composed of neon tubing of various colours.

The age of the sign is unclear: Her Majesty's website states that the sign was erected in "circa 1937" whilst Wixted (2002) dates it to "circa 1940's". Theatre staff have informed be that the current sign was erected in either 1952 or 1953. The theatre changed name from His Majesty's to Her Majesty's when Elizabeth II became the Queen of Australia in 1952. Therefore, it is likely that an earlier "His Majesty's" sign (from the 1930's or 1940's) was either modified or replaced to reflect the change in name at that time.

The Her Majesty's neon sign is in full working order, and is regularly illuminated at night.

Further Information  
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