Pugh's for Carpets

295 High Street, Ashburton, 3147.  



The prominent Pugh's for Carpets sign sits upon the roof of Pugh's carpet shop.

The sign was erected circa 1958. The vertical sign features metal-trough lettering, illuminated with incandescent globes that spells "PUGH'S". Surrounding the metal-trough letters is a layer of red neon. Below that, small unprotected neon letters spell "FOR" in blue neon, below which sits a horizontal panel spelling "CARPETS", also utilising unprotected neon tubing. A decorative motif of neon stripes links the two sign components.

In 1976 the wording on the sign was changed from "PUGH'S FOR FURNITURE" to "PUGH'S FOR CARPETS".

The sign is being progressively restored, as it is showing signs of rust and decay in parts. The sign is semi-operational and occasionally illuminated at night.

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