The Bell Street Mall

Bell Street, Heidelberg West, 3081.  



The Bell Street Mall opened in 1956. Located near the Olympic Village, it was Victoria's first drive-in shopping centre and a symbol of Australia's post-war development and modernity.

The Bell Street Mall neon sign was built into the roof of the shopping centre and remains in almost original condition. The sign consists of a framed metallic board with stylised neon lettering spelling "THE BELL ST. MALL". The neon is a cyan colour with the exception of the word "MALL", which is composed of pink neon. A stylised bell is painted onto the sign beneath the words "THE BELL ST.". The sign has a neon display on its front and reverse, both identical.

The sign also features the stylised painted image of a mother and her daughter holding flowers, but this may have been a later addition. Painted at the bottom of the sign are the words "SINCE 1956". A mobile telephone tower has been mounted atop this sign.

The Bell Street Mall sign is showing some wear, but is in full working order on the east-facing side, whilst only "THE" is illuminated on the west-facing side. The sign is illuminated nightly.

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