There is something magical about going out at night...

Aside from the excitement of whatever social engagement one is going to, there is the
atmosphere of the night city...

The city at night

This website is a celebration of Melbourne's neon heritage; a visual record of all the important and significant neon signs in this city. Not everything is in here. Just the special signs that are recognised as meaning something to the people of Melbourne.

Melbourne Neon is both a gallery of images I have taken of Melbourne's signs, as well as a source of referenced information about those signs.

I hope you enjoy this website!


Melbourne Neon would not have been possible without the generous assistance of the following people:

Special thanks go to Kerry Robinson (Druids Friendly Society), Mark Wheeler (Her Majesty's Theatre), Kevin M. Gange (Silver Top Taxis), Danny Benson (Arcadia Hotel), Paul Brincat (Claude Neon), David Pugh (Pugh's Carpets), Rohan Storey (National Trust), Rosemary Gaetjens and Greer Davis (City of Greater Dandenong) and the anonymous source at Nylex Limited for valuable information.

Where I was unable to photograph particular signs, images were kindly provided by Ben Spencer-White, Simon Reeves and Stephen Banham. Licensed images remain the copyright property of their respective owners.