Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you work in the neon industry?

No, I don't. If you'd like to know more about me, you can read my biography.

2. Where can I get more information about a sign?

Below each sign's entry, I have listed every useful reference that I have been able to locate that provides further information or verifies the information provided. Those references that are online will be linked-to.

3. How do you photograph the signs?

I always use a tripod when composing my images, because an exposure of between one-twentieth of a second to 2 seconds may be required for evening or night time photography.  There is no easy formula for calculating the ideal exposure time or aperture. Instead, careful consideration of the brightness of the sign and other sources of light in the vicinity. I use an SLR rather than a point-and-shoot camera.

In general, I find that colour negative film or slide film provide clearer images than digital cameras, as film is better-able to reproduce the colours within bright spots on the sign. I notice that digital is affected more by flaring light and bright spots tend to be resolved as white pixels.

4. I am writing an assignment on neon signs. Can you help me?

All the information you require is on this website.

If you wish to contact me, please use the Contact Form. I cannot help with assignment writing.

5. May I use a high-resolution copy of one of your images in my publication?

Adam Dimech's photos are licenced via his photo sales website,

You will need to make an application to use any of the images contained within this website for publication or use on other websites in keeping with the Copyright Policy

Many of the images are available for purchase as prints for home use.

6. Whom should I contact about having a neon sign manufactured?

A sign manufacturer! These are listed in the Telstra Yellow Pages

I cannot offer any further information about manufacturers.

7. How are neon signs manufactured?

This useful video from 'Bright Neon Signs' (USA) explains the process:

8. A sign isn't included!

If you believe I have omitted an important Melbourne neon sign, please let me know.