21-31 Goodwood Street, Richmond, 3121.  



The Pelaco spectacular is one of the few large-scale animated signs remaining in Melbourne. It's monumental size makes it quite a landmark, and being positioned on a tall building on top of a hill, can be seen across many suburbs!

The Pelaco sky sign was manufactured in 1939 by Claude Neon for the Pelaco shirts company, who owned the factory upon which it was erected. The sign is simple in design having massive metal-trough letters that spell out the word "PELACO".

After Pelaco left Richmond, the sign fell into disrepair and even become the subject of an ownership dispute when the sign was nominated for inclusion on the Victorian Heritage Register.

The Pelaco sign was restored and re-illuminated (minimally lit) in 1997, but is no longer illuminated.

The Pelaco sign is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (File No. 1149) and classified by the National Trust (File No. B6428) as being of "state significance".

Further Information  
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