Chemist Night Service (Glen Waverley Pharmacy)

191 Coleman Parade, Glen Waverley, 3150.  



The "Chemist Night Service" animated neon sign is a rarity from the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

Featuring unprotected neon letters that spell "CHEMIST" vertically on a blue painted backdrop, the animated sign features a yellow neon arrow that winds through the text to point to the shop below. During the animation sequence, the yellow arrow is progressively illuminated, to provide the sign's movement. Below the arrow, red neon advertises the "NIGHT SERVICE" which illuminates after the arrow sequence.

Another point of interest with this sign is it's multi-faceted nature. It points towards busy Springvale Road as well as The Glen Shopping Centre. As both sides of the sign are clearly visible from many angles, the impact is especially great.

The "Chemist Night Service" sign was built for Glen Waverley Pharmacy by Claude Neon, and installed in August 1966.

The sign is still regularly illuminated, but is only partially functional and present. The animation sequence is not presently displayed. The sign is in reasonable condition but needs some maintenance work.

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