Skipping Girl Vinegar

651-653 Victoria Street, Abbotsford, 3067.  



The Skipping Girl is undoubtedly Melbourne's favourite heritage neon sign.

Audrey the Skipping Girl was erected for Nycander & Co. Pty Ltd. (who owned the brand Skipping Girl Vinegar) in 1936. Despite becoming a much-loved Melbourne icon, the original sign fell into disrepair and was removed in 1968 when the company's factory was relocated.

A replica sign was re-created by Whiteway Neon for the Crusader Plate Company in 1970, in an attempt to salvage the icon. (The vinegar company had moved to Altona without a desire to keep the sign). Crusader's new sign was placed in its present location above their factory, which has since been turned into offices and apartments. The sign's design was somewhat altered from the original.

The sign was illuminated until 2002 when the sign's owners decided to cease funding and maintenance.

In 2008, the National Trust of Victoria ran a successful campaign to raise funds to have the sign illuminated again.

In 2009, the sign was fully restored by Delta Neon of Melbourne. As of 10 June 2009, the sign has been regularly illuminated and all three skipping sequences can be seen again. An electricity utility has donated "green electricity" to power the neon.


News story broadcast on ABC News Victoria, Tuesday 6 May 2010.

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