Tyre (Beaurepaires Ringwood)

50 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood, 3134.  



The "tyre" neon sky sign was manufactured by Claude Neon for erection above the new premesis of the then Yarra Valley Tyre Company in c.1963-4.

The "tyre" sign is a significant and rare surviving example of a neon sign which displays the product on offer rather than the name of the business.

The sign is of metal-box construction, but is oval in shape. On both sides of the sign, black paint is used to depict a tyre with white paint defining the edges and the tread. Unprotected neon tubing was used to mark the edges of the tyre as well as the tread marks. Close inspection of this sign indicates the intricacy of the design and construction, as each piece of 'tread' consisted of a 'zig-zag'-shaped piece of neon tubing. It is reasonable to assume that this would have been a very costly sign to manufacture.

The metal part of the sign appears to be in excellent condition for its age, with almost no signs of rust present. Unfortunately, most of the neon is either broken or missing. The sign has not been operational for many years.

The Yarra Valley Tyre Company was eventually absorbed by Beaurepairs and it is somewhat ironic that the current logo of the company, which still operates from these premesis, bears a striking resemblance to this unique vintage neon sign.

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