Capitol Theatre

109-117 Swanston Street, Melbourne, 3000.  



There were once a series of neon signs which adorned the Capitol Theatre at its construction in 1932. The most spectacular was a metal trough sign consisting of 2 metre tall letters spelling the word "CAPITOL". However, this sign was almost immediately overshadowed by the construction of the taller Manchester Unity Building next door.

A number of signs existed on the front fa├žade but have all been removed with the exception of a small neon sign on the side of the awning. The one remaining sign contains the word "CAPITOL" spelled out with neon and metal-trough letters, and a series of incandescent bulbs surround the perimeter of the sign.

Despite its appearance, the cast iron verandah which now conceals the sign is the result of a restoration and the neon sign was once fully visible to pedestrians on the footpath.

The Capitol Theatre neon sign is significant as a relic from this era, but is no longer functional. 

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