Borsari's Corner

201 Lygon Street, Carlton, 3053.  



The Borsari's Corner sign was erected in 1942 and is of social and historic significance to Melbourne.

Nino Borsari had been a champion cyclist for the Italy, for whom he'd won several medals in the 1932 Los Angeles Olymic Games. His international fame led him to Melbourne, where he was stranded after the outbreak of World War II. His residency in Melbourne led him to found a small bicycle shop on Lygon Street which expanded into Borsari’s Emporium, a large store which occupied the site until the 1990's (the shop is now a restaurant owned by the Borsari family, the bicycle shop relocated to an adjacent building). In 1940, Borsairi erected a large neon sign on the front of his shop to promote his business.

The Borsari's Corner neon sign, which is not animated, features a depiction of Nino Borsari riding a bicycle, surrounded by text which reads "Ex-Olympic Champion". Above the main sign is a smaller one which states "Borsari's Corner" in red neon, above which is a small representation of the Olympic rings in coloured neon.

The sign is in excellent condition and is routinely illuminated.

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