Slade Knitwear

105-115 Dover Street, Richmond, 3121.  



The Slade Knitwear sign is a large sky sign that sits atop the Slade Knitwear factory in Richmond, a suburb famous for its collection of heritage neon signs.

The Slade Knitwear sign was erected in 1970 by Whiteway Neon. The sign is composed of a cursive orange metal-trough typeface highlighted with vivid red neon that can be seen from great distances. The sign is 31 metres long, making it one of the largest sky signs in Victoria. Sylistically, the sign is very similar to the (now demolished) Astoria Taxis sign in Carlton.

In 2001, the sign's owners planned to remove the sign but due to a community outcry, the sign was saved and has since been added to the Victorian Heritage Register.

The Slade Knitwear sign was working until c.2001, but is not presently illuminated.

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