The Lighthouse

115 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, 3000.  



For what appears to be a simple, delapidated vertical-fin neon sign, The Lighthouse neon is surprisingly multi-layered.

The sign is manufactured to the metal-box design, with unprotected neon lettering which spells "THE" horizontally at the top, then "LIGHTHOUSE" vertically. Superimposed beneath the neon is painted lettering which reads "BOB LEWIS" and "BRITANNIA HOTEL". Presumably the official name of the hotel was the Britannia Hotel, but whether the Lighthouse was another name, or perhaps the name of a room remains unknown as no information about this establishment can be located.

The age of the sign is unclear, but Wixted (2002) believes it is "probably circa 1940's".

The sign is in an extremely poor state and probably beyond restoration. Most of the neon tubing is broken and much of the paint has faded. The business no longer operates.

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