Victoria Bitter (Cremorne Silos)

2 Gough Street, Richmond, 3121.  



The animated Victoria Bitter sign dates from the early 1960's and is perched on silos in Richmond next to the Nylex Clock . The sign was manufactured by Claude Neon for Carlton and United Breweries and was remodelled twice in the 1980's.

The Victoria Bitter sign consists of a large green board with white metal-trough letters spelling "VICTORIA BITTER" in green neon, using the same typography as the brand's logo of the period. A metal-trough border of white neon frames the sign. To the left is a backlit acrylic lightbox image of a 1980's Victoria Bitter beer can which contains 85 fluorescent tubes. When switched-on, the white neon border is illuminated in alternate sections so as to provide some animation. The sign contains more than a kilometre of neon tubing.

In 2004, Carlton and United Breweries decided to discontinue the lease on the sign, whilst at the same time the silos on which the sign was mounted were sold. The change in building ownership sparked community anxiety over the future of the popular Nylex Clock, as a proposal to demolish the silos had been submitted to the City of Yarra council. If approved, the demolitions would have led to the removal of the Victoria Bitter sign. Eventually, the Heritage Council decided to add the Nylex Clock and the Cremorne silos to the Victorian Heritage Register, however the registration doesn't specifically cover the Victoria Bitter neon sign.

On 13 October 2011, Carlton and United Breweries had the sign recommissioned and it is now illuminated every evening. Carlton and United Breweries have indicated that they intend nominating the Victoria Bitter neon sign for inclusion on the Victorian Heritage Register.

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