HSV7 Seven News Ticker

1-7 Swanston Street, Melbourne, 3000.  



The Seven News ticker, as it came to be known, was erected for local television station HSV7 on the roof of Young and Jackson's Hotel in 2004. The sign was manufactured by Adspace Outdoor. The neon component was supplied by Bentleigh Signs and the variable message sign (news 'ticker') supplied by ScreenTech. The sign was launched on 24 July 2004.

The Seven News Ticker featured an animated Channel 7 logo on the corner, consisting of various colours of neon tubing set in a metal trough to reflect the multicoloured ribbon logo that the station was using at the time. Metal-trough letters, filled with white neon originally read "Seven News 24/7" on the Flinders Street side, but the "24/7" component was later removed. The neon text on the Swanston Street side simply said "Melbourne". The "7" was animated so that the neon progressively illuminated. The lettering sat atop a plain black metal plate, below which was positioned a variable message sign (VMS), composed of red light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The VMS was used to broadcast news headlines and station promotions.

After installation, the sign was modified. The coloured tubes in the '7' were replaced with red, whilst the text on the Flinders Street side of the sign, which used to read "Seven News 24/7" in line with station advertising, had the "24/7" component removed.

The entire sign was dismantled in mid-2008 and replaced with the Young and Jackson's LED Billboard.

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