• Little Audrey is unquestionably Melbourne's most-loved neon sky sign
  • Discover an elegant Art Deco gem in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.
  • It's not a neon sign, but it's Melbourne's oldest sky sign displaying the technology before neon.
  • This long Pellegrini's neon sign advertises a Melbourne culinary institution
  • The much-loved neon sky sign that gets people to and from work, and has inspired numerous cultural works
  • This heritage neon sits above St Kilda's Elsternwick Hotel and is the oldest neon sign advertising this popular Australian beer brand
  • This neon sign from the 1950's shines like a beacon on Ballarat Road, Footscray
  • Will the much-loved Dandy Pig ever be seen again?
  • Biz Buzz is not just the sound of a bee hive, but rather a former chain of hardware stores!
  • Despite efforts to protect it, this cherished Melbourne neon sign was torn down in 1987 to make way for the Southbank redevelopment
  • Did you know that there are TWO Nylex Clocks in Melbourne! This one is located in the suburb of Mentone
Illuminated neon signs tell of the evolution of a city.

Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia, has a rich ‘neon history’ that is celebrated on this website. Discover the signs that mean a lot to the people of this city.... more

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