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The Story of Flowers

How do plants know when to flower?

Dr. Adam Dimech takes a look at the science of flowering.


This website has been created in the hope that you may gain an understanding of the mechanisms which influence flowering in plants. It is aimed at both the student and keen amateur gardener, hence topics of relevance to both have been discussed.

If you simply want answers to your questions with little explanation, I suggest you head for the summary page.

For everyone else, I hope this site makes for interesting reading. I recommend that you read the contents in order, starting with autonomous flowering and finishing with floral identity. For added appeal, I have added other related material on topics of interest such as floral reversion (flowers changing back into shoots) and floral structure.

I am always interested to receive feedback from the users of this site. So if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me.

If you'd just like to know who I am, refer to my biography.

I hope you enjoy the Story of Flowers.

Dr. Adam Dimech B.Ap.Sci.Hort.(Hons.), PhD. U.Melb