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About Adam Dimech

Dr. Adam Dimech is a plant scientist, photographer and blogger who lives and works in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Adam Dimech standing in front of a large azalea bush
Adam Dimech at the National Rhododendron Gardens, Victoria, Australia.


Dr. Adam Dimech works as a government research scientist within Agriculture Victoria at the Department of Energy, Environment & Climate Action (DEECA). He is based at the Centre for AgriBiosciences (AgriBio) on the grounds of La Trobe University in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The AgriBio building illuminated at night, reflected in a pond
The Centre for AgriBiosciences at La Trobe Univerity, pictured at dusk.

Dr. Dimech currently manages Agriculture Victoria's two multimillion-dollar plant phenotyping facilities, where he co-ordinates research across two sites. Adam conducts research using a LemnaTec Scanalyser 3D phenomics platform which uses imager to measure plant growth and other important traits. Adam combines his skills in plant physiology, morphology, horticulture, photography and computer programming to contribute to this exciting new frontier in plant sciences research.

Wheat plants growing in a glasshouse
Wheat growing in a glassshouse on an automated phenomics platform that utilises modern robotics to irrigate the plants and measure growth.

Dr. Dimech was awarded a PhD in Horticultural Science from the University of Melbourne in 2007. Previous to that, he graduated with an Honours degree in Horticultural Science from Burnley College. Dr. Dimech has also worked previously at the University of Melbourne and Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.

Dr. Dimech is fascinated by plant physiology and thoroughly enjoys working with plants. A list of his research publications is available.


Dr. Adam Dimech is an enthusiastic photographer and licences his images via Photologium. Dr. Dimech’s photography has been featured in a wide range of publications, including newspapers, books and magazines. He also enjoys gardening and travel.

Before taking a break in 2019, Adam sold plants with his wife at community markets across Melboune under the name Plants by Adam.


Dr. Dimech was a member of the Victorian Branch Council which governs the activities of the Community & Public Sector Union from 2012 until 2018.

Between 2016-18, Dr. Dimech was a member of the committee of the Eltham Community Market Stallholders Association Incorporated, including a stint as President between 2017-18. Dr. Dimech was a founding member of Melbourne Heritage Action and before that, served on the council and executive of the University of Melbourne Postgraduate Association between 2003-6.


Dr. Adam Dimech can be contacted via the Contact Form. Alternatively, he is active on the following social media services: