Victorian Arts Centre
2-128 St. Kilda Road, Southbank 3006.
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Victorian Arts Centre
Victorian Arts Centre
Victorian Arts Centre
Victorian Arts Centre
Victorian Arts Centre
Victorian Arts Centre
  • Built in 1984.
  • Designed by Roy Grounds.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no. H1500).
Building Description:

The Victorian Arts Centre was part of the "Cultural Centre" plan conceived for Southbank in the 1950's and ultimately resulted in the construction of the National Gallery of Victoria, Hamer Hall and the Victorian Arts Centre. Designed by Sir Roy Grounds, construction commenced in 1975 and the building opened in 1984.

The exterior of the Victorian Arts Centre building (known formally as the "Theatres Building") is finished in simple bush-hammered concrete and the entire edifice is topped by a 162 metre space-frame spire. The plans for the spire were completed using Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and it is believed to be the first structure designed with CAD in Australia.

The Victorian Arts Centre houses the following facilities:
  • State Theatre (seats 2077 patrons) which is used for theatre and opera
  • Playhouse (seats 822 patrons) which is used for dance and operatic performances
  • Fairfax Studio (seats 376 patrons) which is used for theatre
  • George Adams Gallery, for displaying artworks
  • Gallery 2, also for displaying art
  • St. Kilda Road Foyer Gallery
  • Smorgon Family Plaza
The internal design of the Theatres Building was developed by John Truscott, who also designed the interior of Hamer Hall. Unlike Hamer Hall, the interior of the Victorian Arts Centre remains intact.

In 1996, the spire was repaired and extended after it was discovered that the structure was suffering from decay.

The Victorian Arts Centre remains as a popular venue for Victorians and the building is maintained in excellent condition.



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