St. Patrick's Catholic Cathedral
2-60 Cathedral Place, East Melbourne 3002.
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St Patrick's Cathedral
St Patrick's Cathedral
St Patrick's Cathedral
St Patrick's Cathedral
  • Built in stages between 1858 and 1897 with additions up to 1940.
  • Designed by William Wardell.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no 601951)
  • Mother church for the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.
Building Description:

St Patrick's Catholic Church is the home of the Archdiocese of Melbourne and therefore Melbourne's main Catholic cathedral.

St Patrick's is an exemplary example of the Australian Gothic (otherwise known as Neo-Gothic) style, and is one of the nation's finest churches. The Melbourne Cathedral is also the largest Church to have been commenced and brought to substantial completion anywhere in the world in the 19th century.

The modern St Patrick's Cathedral replaced two earlier structures; the first being a sandstone church designed by Samuel Jackson (1850) and the second being another sandstone church designed by George and Schneider (1858), part of which was incorporated into William Wardell's structure.

The spires and confessional were added and the west door was rebuilt in 1936-40. St Patrick's is the largest Gothic church in Victoria.



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