St. Ignatius' Catholic Church
326 Church Street, Richmond 3121.
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St Ignatius' Church
St Ignatius' Church
  • Constructed in 1867-1883.
  • Designed by W.W. Wardell.
  • The spire and tower are 65.5 metres tall.
Building Description:

Saint Ignatius' Catholic Church on Richmond Hill is a landmark and can be seen for kilometres.

The most impressive feature is the enormous spire positioned on the north-east corner of the church. Because of the sheer height of this building (the spire and tower are about 65.5 metres tall), it is extremely difficult to photograph the church in its entirety from any position in the street.

According to the parish website; St. Ignatius' Church is built in the style of the French Gothic of the 13th century. It comprises a nave and aisles, transept, an apsidal sanctuary with an ambulatory surrounding it, out of which open four chapels. There is a clerestory to the nave, transept and sanctuary. The tower is situated at the end of one of the aisles, and its lower storey once formed the baptistery. 

The exterior of the church is constructed of bluestone, a popular building material of the period.



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