St. Dominic's Catholic Church
816 Riversdale Road, Camberwell 3124.
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St Dominic's Church
St Dominic's Church
  • Constructed in 1936-7.
  • Architect unknown.
  • Probably the last gothic church ever built in Melbourne.
Building Description:

When viewed from the front, St. Dominic's in Camberwell looks to be a very 'slim' church, almost 'hiding' behind its enormous tower. This building is not so much a brilliant and original piece of Gothic architecture, but rather a landmark in the suburbs of Camberwell, where its tower can be seen for kilometres (the church is located on top of a hill).

Nevertheless, it is an attractive building worthy of mention. The Church is built of rock-faced basalt ashlar. The fine French detailing is done in sandstone. The stonework above the main entrance is particularly interesting.

This is probably one of the last Gothic churches to be built in Melbourne; World War II brought an end to a style of architecture which was fast losing favour by the time this church was constructed. 



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