South Melbourne Town Hall
208 Bank Street, South Melbourne 3025.
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South Melbourne Town Hall
  • Built in 1879-80.
  • Designed by Charles Webb.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no 600364).
Building Description:

The South Melbourne Town Hall was originally known as Emerald Hill Town Hall until the name of the municipality was changed in 1883.

The South Melbourne Town Hall is a significant building, not only for its grandeur and incorporation of Second Empire elements into a more-or-less Academic Classical Design, but because it was the first town hall to include a range of services, being originally designed to accommodate the Emerald Hill Town Council, a public hall, Mechanics' Institute and library, post office, police station, courthouse and the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. South Melbourne Town Hall remains as one of the grandest town halls in Melbourne.

In the mid-1990's, the City of South Melbourne was merged with the City of St Kilda and the South Melbourne Town Hall ceased to function as the home of the local council, which shifted to St Kilda. 



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