South Melbourne Railway Station
221 Ferrars Street, South Melbourne, 3025.
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South Melbourne station
South Melbourne station
  • Built in 1883.
  • Designed by Furneaux, Besley and Angel.
  • Included on the Victorian Heritage Register (no 603410)
  • Now a child-care centre.
Building Description:

The St Kilda railway line (which included South Melbourne Railway Station) was converted into a tram line by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (The Met) in the late 1980's and the railway station buildings were subsequently left derelict for years, as only a small platform was required to accommodate the trams.

In later years, the railway stations were altered for other purposes, and the South Melbourne Railway Station had its veranda enclosed, and was converted into the Bank of Melbourne Child Care Centre which is open only to bank employees.

According to the Victorian Heritage Council, the South Melbourne Railway station "forms part of a unique station complex which is important as one of the largest and most lavish of its type. Significant elements include both station buildings, ramps, cast-iron railings, and an 1863 cast-iron footbridge at Coventry street, as well as three 19th century bluestone bridges". 



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