Princess Theatre
163-181 Spring Street, Melbourne 3000.
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Princess Theatre
  • Built in 1886 (interior in 1922).
  • Designed by William Pitt.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no. 600552)
Building Description:

The Princess Theatre was notable in its day for its marble staircase, electric lighting, interior decoration, and the roof designed to roll open to the sky (the world's first retractable roof which is sadly no longer operational).

In 1901, the former open terraces on the first floor were enclosed with stained glass windows to create a Wintergarden and more usable foyer space. The interior was extensively renovated in 1922 being replastered and redecorated at a cost of £50,000 pounds. In later years the Princess Theatre fell into disrepair but was rescued and refurbished in the late 1980's, being restored to its 1920's glory (as the 1880's interior was destroyed in the 1920's renovation). At that time extensions were made and modern equipment installed.

The Princess Theatre remains as one of Melbourne's premier theatre venues.



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