Pamela Anderson House
270 Canterbury Road, St. Kilda West 3182.
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Pamela Anderson House
  • Constructed in 2000.
  • Designed by Cassandra Fahey.
  • Not listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.
  • Winner of a Royal Australian Institute of Architects "Residential Architecture Award" in 2003.
Building Description:

Built for famous Australian Rules footballer Sam Newman, the "Pamela Anderson House" quickly became famous after it was revealed that it would feature a 9×8 metre image of Baywatch star Pamela Anderson on its front façade. The house has since become internationally famous.

The construction of this house was a source of great controversy.

On 7 June 2000, Herald-Sun journalist Bob Hart revealed to the public that Sam Newman was having the house built with the giant image of Anderson on its front. A mere 17 days later, an unofficial unveiling took place when the covers were removed and the façade was seen by all. The house was constructed without the correct permit from the City of Port Phillip council. This may not have been a problem had it not been for Bernadette George who lived opposite the property and just so happened to be the former chair of the Royal Australian Planning Institute! Once the council was alerted, Newman sought and received the correct permit.

The house received much publicity and was the subject of considerable public debate. Soon after completion, Newman became wary of the attention and sold the property. As of October 2011, the property was again up for sale and valued at $1.5 million. It has been sold several times.

The Royal Australian Institute of Architects awarded the design an "Residential Architecture Award" in 2003.



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