Old House
8 Tyson Street, Richmond 3121.
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Old House
Old House
  • Constructed in 2005-6.
  • Designed by Jackson Clements Burrows.
  • Not listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.
Building Description:

The so-called "Old House" was designed in 2005 by Jackson Clements Burrows.

The owner of a dilapidated workers’ cottage wanted to demolish his house and build anew. However, the City of Yarra council would not give permission for a new house to be built unless its design was sympathetic to the existing heritage streetscape. In a creative response to the regulations, a photograph of the old weatherboard cottage was taken and reproduced at 1:1 scale on the façade of the new building.

The façade does little to betray that this is actually a two storey house with a double garage built-in. The image of the former cottage was photographed by Will Salter and reproduced on panes of glass. So clever is the illusion that the lemon-scented gum depicted in the photograph can actually be seen growing behind the house, integrating the photo perfectly with its surrounds.



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