Mitchell House
273-285 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne 3000.
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Michell House
  • Constructed in 1936.
  • Designed by Harry Norris.
  • Not listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.
Building Description:

This significant example of the Moderne style of design from the 1930's remains remarkably intact and contributes significantly to the aesthetics of a major Melbourne intersection.

Mitchell House is a 6-storey office block designed by renowned architect Harry Norris for brush manufacturers Thomas Mitchell & Company. The building was actually designed to be 10-storeys high with the second story to be constructed at a later stage, but it was never built.

The building consists of broad horizontal forms with glazed windows in between. A prominent pediment on the Elizabeth Street side of the building has gold lettering which reads "Mitchell House". The shop fronts and cantilever balcony are original and remain intact and the foyer space still retains its original décor.



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