Mill Park Library
394 Plenty Road, Mill Park 3082.
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Mill Park Library
Mill Park Library
  • Built in 2002.
  • Designed by Oaten Stanistreet architects.
  • Not listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.
Building Description:

Mill Park library is visually stunning, and when it opened in 2002 at a cost of $8 million it was the first library in Victoria to be designed on the concept of a hybrid digital/print library.

The Mill Park Library is designed to present a monumental face to the public despite the limitation of being squeezed onto the rear portion of a relatively small parcel of land. This is achieved via a grand entrance that is dominated by a curved and tilted roof and supported by angled columns. Large windows add to the monumentality as well as maximise natural light for this west-facing facility.

Inside, the library design is rather plain and the opportunities for a landscaped garden outside are minimised by the requirement for an adequate car park. The Mill Park library is illuminated at night, which adds to its visual appeal.



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