Melbourne Safe Deposit
88-92 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000.
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Melbourne Safe Deposit
Melbourne Safe Deposit
  • Built in 1890.
  • Designed by William Pitt.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no 602942).
Building Description:

The Melbourne Safe Deposit Building was designed by William Pitt for the Stock Exchange of Melbourne Co. Ltd. and occupied by the Melbourne Safe Deposits Co. Ltd.

The building was originally symmetrical, but an extension which was sympathetic to the design was added in 1924 and looks to be part of the original building.

The Safe Deposit Building is historically significant as the first safe deposit operation in Australia and the basement vaults are largely intact. At the time of construction the Safe Deposit Building was considered the strongest and most secure building in Australia (VHC). It is the elegant detail of this building which makes it special; with every level treated separately.   



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