Medley Hall (Benvenuta)
48 Drummond Street, Carlton 3053.
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Medley Hall
  • Constructed in 1893.
  • Designed by Walter Scott Law.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no. 603062).
Building Description:

Medley Hall is a landmark in a street full of beautiful Victorian homes. It has a fascinating history as well as it's beautiful architecture, and is recognised as being of national significance.

Benvenuta was constructed in 1893 for Mrs. Leah Abrahams, the widow of a small arms dealer. 15 tons of marble, steel and stained glass were imported for the erection of Benvenuta, which provides some indication of the budget which was allocated for its construction by the Abrahams. It was occupied by Mrs Abrahams until 1914 and the family sold the premises in 1949 to the Victorian State Government. After the War the State Government handed over the use of the mansion and the terrace to The University of Melbourne S.R.C. as student housing. Benvenuta was later renamed Medley Hall in the 1950's when the university took over its management.

Medley Hall is significant as a fine example of the Mannerist style being applied to a domestic residence (see also Lalor House). The profusion of fine stucco work and mouldings, both internally and externally, is unsurpassed in Melbourne. The fence at the front of the property is original.



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