Malvern Town Hall
Corner of Glenferrie Road & High Street, Malvern 3144.
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Malvern Town Hall
Malvern Town Hall
  • Built in 1885-6.
  • Designed by Wilson and Beswicke .
Building Description:

The Malvern Town Hall (sometimes referred to as the Stonnington City Centre) is the home of the City of Stonnington council, formerly the City of Malvern. It also serves a a public meeting place.

The Malvern Town Hall was erected in 1885-6, and constructed in the Italianate style, but with French Second Empire influences on the roofline. The distinctive clock tower, along with an extended Glenferrie Road fa├žade were added in 1890. These extensions also included the addition of the domical vault upon the northern tower. Further along the Glenferrie Road side were added the council chambers and a portico in 1927.



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