Melbourne Magistrates Court
Russel and La Trobe Streets, Melbourne 3000.
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Melbourne Magistrates Court
  • Built in 1911-1913.
  • Designed by G.B.H. Austin.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no H1010).
Building Description:

The Melbourne Magistrate's Court (originally called the Court of Petty Sessions) was opened in 1913, and was designed by G.B.H. Austin of the Public Works Department, who also designed the 1888 Building. Although different stylistically, the Melbourne Magistrate's Court was designed to compliment the adjacent Francis Ormond Building in La Trobe Street.

The courthouse is a Romanesque composition which features massive arched entrances and a spectacular copper-coloured, pointed tower. The fa├žade is a varied composition of gables, towers, turrets and arches and is clad in Batesford lime-stone with a bluestone base. The interior of the building features marble and blackwood fittings.

Whilst well preserved, the building is in need of cleaning and some restoration. It is now owned by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and no longer used for legal proceedings.



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