Lalor House
293 Church Street, Richmond 3121.
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Lalor House
Lalor House
  • Constructed in 1888.
  • Designed by William Wolf.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no. 603297).
Building Description:

Lalor House was erected in 1888 for Dr. Joseph P. Lalor, son of the celebrated Eureka Stockade leader and politician Peter Lalor. It was designed to incorporate a residence and surgery.

Lalor House features a novel and extreme use of classical motifs to a massive scale, and is recognised along with Medley Hall (Benvenuta) as one of the best examples of the exuberant use of these elements in a domestic residence, used in the economic boom of the 1880's.

Lalor house, along with St. Igantius's Catholic Church, are landmarks along this section of Church Street in Richmond. The fence at the front of the residence is original. While largely intact, the stucco on this building is in need of cleaning.



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