Kilkenny Inn Hotel
250 King Street, Melbourne 3000.
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Kilkenny Inn Hotel
Kilkenny Inn Hotel
  • Constructed in 1915.
  • Designed by Sydney Smith & Ogg.
  • Not listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.
Building Description:

The Kilkenny Inn Hotel is one of many hotels designed by Sydney Smith & Ogg and was built in 1915 for hotelier, Mrs Helen Horgan.

The Kilkenny Inn building is most notable for the unusual corner treatment, which features a three-storey 'rotunda' of which the upper two levels act as a verandah and the street level as the main entrance to the building. The building also features a typical federation-era design and Arts & Crafts detailing. The National Trust considers this property to be of State Significance.

Despite its popularity, the building is regrettably used as a strip club rather than an accomodation centre these days.



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