Hawthorn Town Hall
360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn 3122.
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Hawthorn Town Hall
  • Built in 1888-90.
  • Designed by John Beswicke.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no H1218)
Building Description:

The Hawthorn Town Hall was designed by John Beswicke in 1887, in response to a competition run for its design by the City of Hawthorn council (now City of Boroondara). Beswicke won the prize for his design, which was to feature an impressive array of columns on its front fa├žade. When Beswicke discovered that it would be structurally impossible to have the columns as he had designed them, he altered his prize-winning design which infuriated Council and residents alike. Nevertheless, a subsequent Council investigation found Beswicke's judgement to be correct, and so the present-day design was constructed instead.

The Hawthorn Town Hall is a free-classical design, constructed of brick with a stuccoed render. The central feature is the dominant lock tower, which overshadows a portico. Notable on this building is the decorative roof line, which features several decorative pediments, urns and cornices. 



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