Footscray Town Hall
61 Napier Street, Footscray 3011.
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Footscray Town Hall
Footscray Town Hall
  • Built in 1936.
  • Designed by Joseph Plottel.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no H1218)
Building Description:

This building is now known as the Maribyrnong Town Hall, reflecting the merger of the former City of Footscray into the City of Maribyrnong. However, the building still retains the old "City of Footscray" lettering on the front fa├žade.

The Footscray Town Hall is a stunning example of the Inter-War Romanesque style. The front of the building incorporates a finely detailed entrance loggia with Corinthian columns and has variegated brown brickwork highlighted with intricately modelled buff faience work. The Footscray Town Hall is the only example of 'American' Romanesque architecture applied to a town hall.

Although the building has been extended considerably at the rear, it is otherwise quite intact. The exterior lighting, fencing and landscaping are original also.



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