Collingwood Town Hall
140 Hoddle Street, Collingwood 3066.
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Collingwood Town Hall
Collingwood Town Hall
  • Built between 1885-90.
  • Designed by George R. Johnson.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no 601447)
Building Description:

The Collingwood Town Hall was used as council chambers by the City of Collingwood until that municipality was merged to form the City of Yarra in the mid 1990's.

This building is a significant intact example of the work of George Johnson, who designed other municipal buildings (such as the North Melbourne Town Hall) during this era. The Collingwood Town Hall's most prominent feature is the three-staged clock tower. It has been suggested that this may be the tower which was removed from the General Post Office in 1890. The Collingwood Town Hall's largely intact and unpainted ornate exterior is a comparatively rare example of 19th century boom style classicism in original condition in Victoria.

Extensive alterations to the interior of the building were made in 1938 by A.C. Leith and Associates.



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