Caroline Springs Library
193-201 Caroline Springs Boulevard, Caroline Springs 3023
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Caroline Springs Library
Caroline Springs Library
Caroline Springs Library
Caroline Springs Library
  • Built in 2008.
  • Designed by Suters Prior Cheney architects.
  • Not listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.
Building Description:

The 2,500 m2 Caroline Springs Library has been designed with the environment in mind, making use of passive night ventilation to replenish the air and minimise the need for airconditioning and heating during the day.

The library complex features a generously-sized foyer which is bordered on one side by a wall of hexagonal frosted windows that provide the building with its architectual boldness. The hexagonal theme is mirrored in miniature on the opposite wall which features thousands of hexagonal impressions in its surface. The roof is concealed by a generously-sized facia.

Internally, the building had been designed in 'zones' to accomodate the library's multiple uses as a study space, ICT facility, civic centre and classroom. The hexagonal theme is also represented internally, although on a smaller scale.

Externally, the library has been landscaped with a range of sedges and grasses. The use of Phormium in low-level terraces dominates the landscape from the street.



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