Camberwell Railway Station
Burke Road & Cookson Street, Camberwell 3124.
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Camberwell Station
Camberwell Station
Camberwell Station
Camberwell Station
  • Built in 1919.
  • Designed by J.W. Harding.
  • An example of the "Malvern Group" of railway stations.
  • Centre of recent redevelopment controversies.
Building Description:

The Camberwell railway station is located beside Burke Road in Camberwell, in a cut-out section of land. The station was built in 1919 from red brick in classic Federation style, and features brick arches, cantilever cast-iron verandas and gently-sloping ramps which lead from the platforms to the ticket office. Surrounding the railway station are red brick retaining walls and well-landscaped gardens. The railway station is in a relatively intact state, but requires restoration in some places.

The current Camberwell railway station complex was a replacement for an earlier set of buildings dating from the period when the three railway lines were level with Burke Road  and there was no central platform.

Camberwell railway station is an important example of the "Malvern Group" of architecturally similar stations, another prime example being South Yarra railway station.

Camberwell station has been the centre of recent controversy regarding a proposal by the State Government to allow redevelopment of the site. 



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