Cairns Memorial Church Apartments
217 Hotham Street, East Melbourne 3002.
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Cairns Memorial Church Apartments
Cairns Memorial Church Apartments
  • Built between 1883-4 (church) and 1995 (apartment conversion).
  • Designed by Twentyman & Askew (church). Architect unknown (apartment conversion).
  • Not listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.
Building Description:

The Church was constructed in 1883-84 and designed by Twentyman & Askew. It is executed in rough face coursed rubble sandstone with ashlar sandstone quoins and dressings. The west front has a large lancet arched entry framed by pairs of buttresses. The gable above has a large cross and pinnacles springing from the eaves level. A square two level tower sits on the corner, originally to support a spire that was never built.

On the 21 October 1980, the Australian Heritage Commission added the church to the Register of the National Estate (No. 17046).

In 1988, the church caught fire and was burnt to the ground with only the shell remaining. After initially believing that the shell would have to be demolished due to safety concerns, it was later found to be stable and was retained. 

In 1995, developers decided to utilise the gothic shell as the basis for a new apartment complex. Hence a giant ‘glasshouse’ rose from the foundations of this former church.



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