Burnley Horticultural College
500 Yarra Boulevard, Richmond, 3121.
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Burnley College
Burnley College
Burnley College
  • Constructed in 1949.
  • Designed by Percy Everett (Public Works Department).
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no H2052).
Building Description:

Burnley Horticultural College was established in 1891 as a training college run by the Victorian Department of Agriculture and the Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria. The college quickly became the state's premier college for the teaching of horticultural science.

In the 1940's funding was made available for the construction of a new campus building. As was customary in that period, the Public Works Department was responsible for the design of all government buildings. The PWD's chief architect, Percy Everett, designed the Burnley Horticultural College building in the Functionalist style.

Constructed of concrete and cream-brick, the Burnley College building is typical of the Functionalist style and presents as an asymmetrical cluster of simple geometric shapes. 'Ribbon' metal-framed windows, prominant stairwells and a roof concealed behind a parapet give this building an elegant simplicity.

The Burnley College building consists of two levels with classrooms and administration areas downstairs and academic offices upstairs. A large hall at one end of the building provides a central meeting place for the campus. Whilst plain internally, both the hall and building more generally remain in good condition and many original fixtures and fittings remain.

In 1983, Burnley Horticultural College merged with regional agricultural colleges to form the Victorian College of Agriculture and Horticulture (VCAH). In 1997, VCAH merged with the University of Melbourne's Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry &  Horticulture, creating the Institute of Land and Food Resources (ILFR) and the site became known as Burnley College.  The University of Melbourne now runs Burnley College via its Melbourne School of Land & Environment.



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