Australia on Collins
260 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000.
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Australia on Collins
Australia on Collins
Australia on Collins
Australia on Collins
Australia on Collins
Australia on Collins
  • Built in 1992.
  • Original design by The Buchan Group.
  • Not listed on the Victorian Heritage Register
Building Description:

Australia on Collins is located on a property that was once home to Gunsler's Café which later became The Vienna in 1890. The Vienna became a highly-fashionable place to eat and played host to all sorts of business deals and meetings as well as relaxing afternoons between friends. The Vienna formed part of the fashionable Collins Street precinct known as "The Block" which also included the Block Arcade and Block Court.

In the 1930's, the site was razed and the 12-storey Hotel Australia was constructed on the site. Built in the Moderne style, it became a popular accomodation centre until it was also demolished to make way for Australia on Collins. A mural in the floor of Australia on Collins references the former Hotel Australia.

Australia on Collins was constructed in 1992 using postmodern aesthetics. Rather than appear minimalist, postmodernism sought to re-introduce decoration and some classical architectual principles into design. Hence Australia on Collins tends to have a more symmetrical presentation. Quality finishes and fixtures have been used throughout and the interior has a vaguely Art Deco feel to it on account of some of the design elements.

Australia on Collins is a multistory shopping centre with a hotel above. The whole complex is illuminted by a massive atrium above, which also filters light into the hotel. Australia on Collins also provides an important pedestrian link between Collins and Little Collins Streets.

Australia on Collins remains in excellent condition with minimal modifications and alterations.



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