A.C. Goode House
389-399 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000.
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A.C. Goode House
  • Constructed between 1891-1903.
  • Designed by Wright, Reed & Beaver.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no 603397).
Building Description:

This building has been variously known as A.C. Goode House, National Mutual Life Association Building and more recently the Bank of New Zealand Australia (BNZA) House. The building was completed in 1892 but extended in 1903 when the neighbouring block of land was purchased.

A.C. Goode House is a spectacular example of the Gothic style applied to Federation-era commercial buildings. A.C. Goode House features a heavily moulded fa├žade of beige freestone on a brick and concrete structure. The entry foyer has been fitted out with marble details and the main foyer ceiling is an undecorated rib and panel vault. Inside the main chamber, the ceiling is fully ornamented and consists of a plaster beam and panel system on large freestanding Corinthian columns.

The office spaces of the 1893 section retain their plaster decoration and timber moulding around openings.



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