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Melbourne is blessed with some of the greatest buildings in Australia.

I created the Melbourne Buildings website in 2004 to showcase the beautiful architecture which can be found in Melbourne. The website was fully revised and updated in January 2012, with the addition of many new buildings, updated photographs, Bing™ location maps and revised factual information.

Melbourne is regarded as one of the finest Victorian-era cities in the world. The city is home to Australia's first World-Heritage Listed building, the Royal Exhibition Building, but this should not overshadow the multitude of other grand and stunning buildings which grace this city. The city has also provided an environment supportive of many newer forms of architecture, significant examples of which have also been documented on this website.

It has not been my intention to make this site a complete list of significant buildings from the 1850's as the task is too great. I'd prefer to provide greater information of high quality about each entry rather than include brief but ultimately meaningless lists for the sake of completion. Nevertheless, I would argue that the site is representative of the general quality of buildings constructed in the past 160 years and hope you gain some enjoyment from visiting this website. All photographs of the buildings are my own.

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