1888 Building (Graduate Centre)
156-292 Grattan Street, University of Melbourne 3010.
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1888 Building
1888 Building
  • Constructed in 1888.
  • Designed by G.B.H. Austin.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no 603530).
  • Accomodates the Melbourne School of Graduate Research and the University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association.
Building Description:

The 1888 Building was once part of the former Victorian Teachers' College. It has been known as the Teachers' College Building and Secondary Teachers' College Building and is now known as the Graduate Centre as well as the 1888 Building.

The 1888 Building was built as a residential teacher training institution for the Victorian Department of Education. The building is now incorporated into the University of Melbourne and jointly houses the University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association and the School of Graduate Research (hence its recognition as the 'Graduate Centre').

The 1888 Building is one of the oldest buildings in Victoria to have been built in the Queen Anne style. It is remarkably intact inside and out with the exception of the rear of the building which seen a modern and unsympathetic meeting room and restaurant attached.

The Grattan Street façade is is the most elaborate part of the 1888 Building, and is symmetrically arranged around the main entrance and porch. This façade is decorated with three-storey mansard roofed towers, rendered quoins, deep moulded cement cornices, ionic pilasters, urns and prominent Dutch gables. The main entrances consist of elliptical arches decorated with rusticated blocks finished with pressed cement floral decoration. Griffins adorn the parapet.



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