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HazChem Font Reference Sheet

The following page displays all of the available glyphs associated with Adam Dimech's free HazChem font. Use this handy reference when creating laboratory safety signs, reagent bottle labels and other associated collatoral.

Instructions for downloading and installing Adam Dimech’s free HazChem font are available on the HazChem font web page. A printable version of this guide is also available in PDF format (PDF, 134kB).

Symbol Letter/Glyph Description System
( ( Attention UN Globally Harmonised System
) ) Carcinogen UN Globally Harmonised System
- - Corrosive UN Globally Harmonised System
. . Environmental Hazard UN Globally Harmonised System
< < Explosive UN Globally Harmonised System
> > Flammable UN Globally Harmonised System
= = Oxidising Agent UN Globally Harmonised System
/ / Non-Toxic Gas UN Globally Harmonised System
\ \ Poison UN Globally Harmonised System
A A Miscellaneous USA/Canadian Hazard Symbol
B B Corrosive (C) European Hazard Symbol (CHIP)
C C Corrosive European Hazard Symbol (CHIP)
D D Harmful (N) European Hazard Symbol (CHIP)
E E Explosive (E) European Hazard Symbol (CHIP)
F F Flammable (F) European Hazard Symbol (CHIP)
G G Extremely Flammable (F+) European Hazard Symbol (CHIP)
H H Harmful European Hazard Symbol (CHIP)
I I Irritant (Xi) European Hazard Symbol (CHIP)
J J Flammable European Hazard Symbol (CHIP)
K K Flammable Gas Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
L L Flammable Liquid Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
M M Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
N N Oxidising Agent Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
O O Oxidising Agent European Hazard Symbol (CHIP)
P P Poison Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
Q Q Organic Peroxide Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
R R Radioactive Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
S S Non-Flammable Gas Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
T T Toxic (T) European Hazard Symbol (CHIP)
U U Very Toxic (T+) European Hazard Symbol (CHIP)
V V Toxic European Hazard Symbol (CHIP)
W W Infectious Substance Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
X X Toxic Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
Y Y Toxic Gas Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
Z Z Corrosive Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
a a Attention International Attention Symbol
b b Attention: Biohazard International Attention Symbol
c c Attention: Corrosive International Attention Symbol
d d Corrosive International Symbol
e e Explosive International Symbol
f f Flammable International Symbol
g g Non-Toxic Gas International Symbol
h h Harmful International Symbol
i i Explosive International Symbol
j j Plain Hazard Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
k k No Food Generic Hazard Identifier
l l No Food Generic Hazard Identifier
m m No Smoking Generic Hazard Identifier
n n No Smoking Generic Hazard Identifier
o o Oxidising Agent International Symbol
p p Exit International Symbol
q q Harmful* Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
r r Radioactive International Symbol
s s Poison/Toxic International Symbol
t t Poison/Toxic International Symbol
u u Explosive 1.3G International Symbol
v v Explosive International Symbol
w w Dangerous When Wet Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
x x Oxidizer (American Spelling) USA/Canadian Hazard Symbol
y y Oxidiser (Australian/British Spelling) Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
z z Spontaneously Combustible Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
1 1 Explosive 1.1C International Symbol
2 2 Explosive 1.1D International Symbol
3 3 Explosive 1.1F International Symbol
4 4 Explosive 1.1G International Symbol
5 5 Explosive 1.2B International Symbol
6 6 Explosive 1.2D International Symbol
7 7 Explosive 1.2E International Symbol
8 8 Explosive 1.2G International Symbol
9 9 Explosive 1.3C International Symbol
0 0 Explosive 1.1B International Symbol
? ? Biohazard Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
# # Radioactive I USA/Canadian Hazard Symbol
$ $ Radioactive II USA/Canadian Hazard Symbol
! ! Ionising Radiation International Symbol
& & Attention: Cytotoxic International Attention Symbol
* * Cytotoxic International Symbol
@ @ Cytotoxic Waste 6.1 Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
, , Cytotoxic 6.1 Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
^ ^ Flammable 4 Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
_ _ Flammable Solid 4 Australian/British Hazard Symbol**
| | Biohazard International Symbol


* The “Harmful, Store away from Foodstuffs” hazard symbols are no longer recognised by the UN, but are included here for completeness.

** Whilst these are marked as Australian/British, they usually only differ from USA/Canadian by the choice and position of typeface.


This guide is provided only to allow for the location of correct font characters. It is not intended as a guide to hazardous chemical labelling or chemical classes. The logos displayed here may or may not be compliant with the chemical labelling laws in your jurisdiction. If in doubt, advice should be sought from a suitably qualified person.