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Adam Dimech has developed multiple specialist TrueType fonts for specific industrial applications, which are free to download.


Reagent bottles on a shelf in a laboratory

Now promoting chemical safety is just a font-change away! Download Adam Dimech’s free HazChem font: the ideal TrueType font for research scientists, chemists, laboratory managers and educators. Adam Dimech’s HazChem font bundles together a handy collection of Hazchem, Hazmat and general safety symbols that can be used to generate reagent labels and safety signage.

Plant Breeder’s Webfont

Plants with pictorial plant labels displayed in a retail nursery

The Australian Plant Breeders Rights Act 1994 requires owners of PBR-protected plants to indicate the protected status of their cultivars by inserting the PBR mark (P) beside the plant name.  Until now, this has been very difficult to achieve on websites without resorting to unsightly tiny graphics or simply typing “PBR” beside plant names. Adam Dimech’s Plant Breeders’ Rights webfont solves this problem.