336 Glenferrie Road, Malvern 3144.
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  • Constructed in 1891.
  • Designed by Charles D'Ebro.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no 600945).
Building Description:

Stonnington House takes its design influences from several sources. Whilst being primarily a free-classical design, Second Empire influences can be seen in the roofscape, and Mannerist design elements are also present.

Stonnington originally featured a vast arcaded veranda, however a significant portion of this has been filled in to extend the ground-floor rooms in the house and this can be seen in the above images. Since its construction in 1891, the property has been used for many different purposes and additional buildings have been erected on the site.

Stonnington functioned as the residence of the Governor of Victoria from 1901 to 1931. However, it has also served as St. Margaret's Girls' School (1931-38), a hospital (1938-1957), Toorak Teachers' College (1957-1973), the State College of Victoria (1973-1992), the Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology (Deakin University, 1992-2007) and now a private property.

The name of the property has over the years been variously spelt as 'Stonnington' and 'Stonington'.



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