State Parliament of Victoria
110-160 Spring Street, Melbourne 3000.
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State Houses of Parliament
State Houses of Parliament
State Houses of Parliament
State Houses of Parliament
  • Construction started in 1856 and the building remains incomplete.
  • Designed by Peter Kerr & J.C. Knight.
  • Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register (no 602008).
Building Description:

The Victorian State Parliament was erected in stages as follows; 
  • Two Houses, 1856-57
  • Library, 1858-60
  • Queens Hall and Vestibule, 1878-79
  • West Front, 1885-90
  • Refreshment Rooms, 1930
The side and rear facades and the dome have not yet been constructed, making this one of the oldest buildings to still be 'under construction'. In 1999, the State Government prepared plans to complete the building and construct the dome, however this was not realised after a political dispute erupted over the source of stone for the project.

The National Trust provides a good description of the virtues of this important public building:

"Even in its incomplete state, this is Melbourne's grandest building. It evokes the splendour of Imperial Rome and embodies the highest ideals of nineteenth century civic architecture. The design and craftsmanship displayed throughout are of the highest standard found in Australia.

"The overpowering doric facade which culminates in a monumental colonnade is a most complex architectural composition and uses decorative features that are unique in this country. The principal monumental spaces comprise the finest interiors in Australia....of world significance".



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